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Ty Hunter



Raquel Smith

Ty Hunter is celebrated as one of the world’s most influential fashion gurus.  He has styled or contributed to the cover of almost every major international magazine. ​He was afforded the opportunity to work with an up and coming pop group named Destiny’s Child by their Lead Stylist, Tina Knowles, in 2000. He is well-known as the exclusive and personal stylist to Beyoncé for 16 years along with his counterpart, Ms. Raquel Smith for 10 years.

Since working with the iconic Beyoncé, Ty has risen to the top of the fashion charts as being a key talent in the field.  He has also consulted for more than fifty national and international ad campaigns. 

Ty launched his company Passion Projects, with the help of his first product…an amazing, protective, cell phone case fully equipped with an awesome 3-light setting, simply called, “The Ty-Lite”.  As he continues to embrace his many entrepreneurial experiences, stay tuned for a one of a kind fashion line to be debuted in 2017.

Raquel Smith grew up in Georgia. She struggled to figure out what she wanted to do with her life, but once she figured it out she was determined to do whatever it took. She moved to New York to complete an internship requirement and to pursue a career in the fashion industry.  She landed an opportunity at Nautica upon graduation where she worked for years before landing an internship at House of Dereon.  Smith was hired specifically to work with Ty Hunter for the House of Dereon brand. Uncovering her true passion, she decided to enroll herself at The Fashion Institute of Technology to continue her studies in fashion where she completed their Styling Program.   Her next career move was then assistant fashion stylist for Beyoncé, shortly thereafter becoming a celebrity stylist working alongside Hunter.


​After over 10 years as a celebrity stylist, Smith embraces entrepreneurship as a designer behind her very own jewelry line, Raquel Smith Collection, to be released 2017! In addition, she is enjoying being the curator partnering with her friend and colleague Ty Hunter to promote a networking event tour, "Let's Talk: An Intimate Networking Experience”.

"Let's Talk was nothing BUT amazing!!! The encouraging stories from everyone was so great!!! Ty and Raq...were so incredible! Let's Talk has truly CHANGED my life and mind set!!!"
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