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See what you missed from LET'S TALK September 10, 2016!

We thank everyone who attended our very first LET'S TALK! Thanks to our contributors and media supporters!

Raquel Smith and Ty Hunter: Beyonce’s Stylists Curate an Oasis for Stylists, Designers and Entrepreneurs


Special Thanks To Our Contributors



Jenny Cox, Wolford Hosiery

Jezebel Magazine

Kim Kimble, Celebrity Hair Stylist

Mally Beauty

Marquita Smith, Author & Founder, “How I Grew Today”

Naturabisse Cosmetics


Passion Projects

Rebecca Minkoff LLC

Stila Cosmetics

The Bailey Agency LLC, Cynthia Bailey, CEO/Founder

Kareemah White, Raquel's Hairstylist

Manny Davila, Raquel's Makeup Artist

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